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Press Kit: "Russel Wright: The Nature of Design"

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Russel Wright: White Clover[ Download » 2.7 MB ]
The White Clover Line for Harker, introduced in 1951, featured decoration made by incising actual clover stems, leaves, and blossoms. Photo by Adam Anik.
Russel Wright: Bauer Pottery[ Download » 1 MB ]
Bauer Pottery
Wright's design for Bauer Pottery beginning in 1945 utilized biomorphic forms and thick glazes. Photo by MASCA.
Russel Wright: Oceana Line [ Download »7.9 MB ]
The Oceana line, introduced in 1935, consisted of hardwood serving bowls made in an organic, sculptural manner. Photo by MASCA.
Russel Wright: Manitoga [ Download » 2.3 MB ]
Russel Wright designed his home, Manitoga from 1956 to 1972. The site in Garrison, New York is now a design center open to the public. Photo by Tara Wing Photography