REPRESENT: Contemporary Native American Art

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Natasha Smoke Santiago, Mohawk 
Emerging Corn (Belly series)[ Download » 324 KB ]
Natasha Smoke Santiago
Mohawk | Turtle Clan
Emerging Corn (Belly series), 2012
Densite, acrylic & raffia sculpture
Ronni-Leigh Goeman, Onondaga, and Stonehorse Goeman, Tonawanda Seneca 
Blue Heron with Baby basket
Made wi [ Download » 1.7 MB ]
Ronni-Leigh Goeman
Onondaga Nation
Stonehorse Goeman
Tonawanda-Seneca | Hawk Clan
Blue Heron with Baby Basket, 2013
Made with black ash, sweet grass and moose hair with moose antler and buffalo horn carvings
Three Sisters [ Download » 500 KB ]
Antoinette Scott
Seneca | Deer Clan
Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash, 2013
Cornhusk, glass beads, cotton fabric

Carson Waterman, Seneca 
Man with Gustowets[ Download » 13 MB ]
Carson Waterman
Seneca | Snipe Clan
Man with Gustowets
, 2011
Acrylic on canvas painting
Roger Perkins, Mohawk 
Bear Clan [ Download » 2 MB ]
Roger Perkins/Sosakete
Mohawk | Bear Clan
Bear Clan, 2013
Digital, archival ink on canvas