John Bone Claim Application
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Date: 1857

On July 23, 1857, Hiram Bone (executor) submitted a claim application for service rendered by John Bone, deceased. John Bone served for two years as a member of the Native American Allegany Volunteers under Governor Blacksnake. The claim seeks to recoup funds Bone had spent to furnish his own clothing and equipments as directed by the "Act to organize the Militia of the State of New York." Such expenses included:

1 Hat.... $4.00
1 Ordinary Coat.... $15.00
1 Vest.... $4.00
1 Pair (Pantaloons)... $4.00
2 Blankets.... $8.00
1 Rifle, use of.... $5.00
1 Belt....$4.00
2 Pr. Stockings.... $1.00
2 Shirts.... $4.00
2 Pair (Shoes).... $2.00
1 Neckerchief.... $2.00
Cash pd. for Transportation to Buffalo.... $2.00
Cash pd. for Transportation from Buffalo.... $2.00