The story of the Bogardus family of early Albany most likely begins with the arrival of Domine Everhardus Bogardus and subsequent marriage to widow Anneke Jans in 1638. Their children were born in New Amsterdam and were brought upriver to Albany by Anneke Jans following Bogardus's death in 1647. Her will of 1663, parcelled out the family estate. The Bogert family does not appear to be closely related.

Their son, Pieter Bogardus, became an Albany mainstay and established the family in Albany and in its hinterland.

In 1756, two Bogardus-named residences appeared on a census of Albany householders made by the British army.

By 1790, only Jacob S. Bogardus remainded (living alone) in the city but the household of Ephraim P. Bogardus was configured in the vicinity of the Manor House in surrounding Watervliet.

In 1800, no Bogardus named households were left in the city. The first city directory in 1813 also did not include any Bogardus named householders.

After the first generations in Albany and New York generally , the Bogardus family has spread across the United States where the name is encountered in many incarnations today.

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