Pierre Bennewe


Pierre Bennewe is said to have been born in South Carolina. In 1696, his father, Jacques Benoit, was naturalized there.

However, when he married Hendrickie Van Schoonhoven at the Albany Dutch church in December 1696, the marriage record stated that he was from Rochelle. By 1707, six children had been christened at the Albany church where he witnessed a couple of baptisms.

In 1709, his name appeared on an assessment ward for probably unspecified property in Albany. That parcel/holding probably was located in the third ward.

We seek additional information on the life of Pierre Bennewe/Benoit/Binneway. He seems to have passed on by the 1720s.

biography in-progress


the people of colonial Albany Sources: This very sketchy life of Pierre Bennewe is CAP biography number 7312. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 8/30/07