Martina Hogan Brown
Stefan Bielinski

Martina Hogan was born in 1740. She was the first child born to Albany residents William and Susanna Lansing Hogan.

In 1761, a British army chaplain married her and St. Peter's Rector Rev. Thomas Brown at the Albany church. At least two of her children were baptized there during the decade that followed.

While at St. Peter's. Brown's family lived in both the old and new minister's houses. In 1768, the Browns left Albany. In 1772, he was appointed rector in Dorchester, Maryland. After Brown's death in 1784, Martina and the children returned home to Albany.

In 1790 and 1800, she was identified as the head of an Albany household in the first ward that included several children.

The widow Martina Hogan Brown died about 1807. Her will passed probate in March!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Martina Hogan Brown is CAP biography number 4379. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Despite being listed on two census documents, her name is absent from assessment rolls in 1788 and 1799. However, several other Browns were included in the first ward in 1799!

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first posted: 4/15/03