Daniel Kelly


Daniel Kelly lived in Albany during the first decades of the eighteenth century. He may have been a former garrison soldier but that connecton has not yet been made.

In June 1704, the city council agreed with him to quarter ten soldiers in his house at three shillings and nine pence each per week. The next year, he was fined fifteen shillings for not paving in front of his house. In 1711, he gave up some of his land for the "Queen's Highway" by moving his fence.

Between 1708 and 1716, he wtnessed several baptisms at the Albany Dutch church. One of his partners was "Margariet Killy."

In 1709, his first ward property was valued on the city assessment roll. Many of his Southside neighbors were former soldiers.

In 1720, his name was included on a list of freeholders in the first ward.

After that, the name of Daniel Kelly has not been encountered in the Albany record.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Daniel Kelly has not been accorded a CAP biography number. A name so obviously exotic has proved to have been spelled with many variations in the community record. This sketch is derived chiefly from community-based resources.

"Queen's Highway?" Perhaps that means King's Highway.

first posted: 4/10/07