Johannes Visscher, Jr.
Stefan Bielinski

Johannes Visscher was born in August 1698. He was the son of Albany residents Nanning and Alida Vinhagen Visscher. He was sometimes referred to as "Johannes Visscher, Jr."

In September 1721, he was a member of a company of young Albany traders who were instructed to establish a trading settlement on Lake Erie by the royal governor. The group returned to Albany in September 1722.

Shy of his thirtieth birthday, he married twenty-four-year-old Anna Staats in February 1728. By 1743, ten children had been baptized at the Albany Dutch church.

These Visschers set up their home in Albany's third ward where Johannes served as assistant and, in 1734, as alderman. He was a contractor and represented Albany's interests in the Mohawk Valley. He also owned property along Foxes Creek which he sold to the city in 1743.

Johannes Visscher Jr. filed a will in September 1744. It named his wife and seven living children as heirs. The will passed probate in June 1753. He died in April 1749 and his widow re-married. He had lived just fifty years!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Johannes Visscher is CAP biography number 4142. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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