George Webster
Stefan Bielinski

George Webster was born in Connecticut in September 1762, the son of Matthew and Mabel Pratt Webster of Hartford. He followed his twin brother to Albany after the Revolutionary War.

George Webster was in Albany in 1784 when his brother, Charles R. Webster, founded the Albany Gazette. He remained a printer for the remainder of his life. The Webster Brothers' printery was located at the Elm ree Corner. George lived one door up State Street at number 81 and Charles next door at 83 State Street.

The Webster Brothers were postwar Albany's leading newspaper publishers and printers. Besides the Gazette, they participated in a number of less notable printing partnerships. Their co-owned establishment was a widely known regional landmark. Charles was more publically visable while George tended to the printing business. Both brothers were active members of the Albany Mechanics Society. George Webster was an officer for the Great Western Turnpike and a number of benevolent organizations. In 1813 and 1818, he was elected assessor for the first ward.

He married Rachel Bush and, after her passing, Sally Bush in 1810. The children from his first marriage were baptized in the First Presbyterian Church where he was a member and trustee.

George Webster died in February 1823 at the age of sixty-one. He was eulogized as a bookseller and one of the editors of the Albany Gazette and Daily Advertiser.



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first posted: 7/05/02