Meet the People of Colonial Albany

Abraham Yates, Jr. Sara Gansevoort John Lansing, Jr. Christina Ten Broeck Livingston Dr. Samuel Stringer Dinnah Jackson William B. Winne Barbara Marselis Bogert
Enjoy a musical and visual introduction to the lives of the people who founded and built the city of Albany in a public program guaranteed to captivate any audience group.

This presentation identifies relevant themes, raises pertinent issues, and places Albany within larger historical contexts. Hosted by Stefan Bielinski, founder and director of the Colonial Albany Social History Project at the New York State Museum, this hour-long presentation calls on the best historic and recreated images of life in the pre-industrial city and is accompanied by the engaging Albany ~ a song of Community.

The program quickly becomes interactive as audience members cannot resist commenting and soon are asking questions about individual lives, how people lived, and about the shape and structure of Albany 200 years ago.

For more information, contact:

Colonial Albany Social History Project
New York State Museum
3093 Cultural Education Center
Albany, New York 12230
(518) 474-6917

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