Tory Timeline

(Some important dates in the history of loyalism and Toryism in early Albany history)

1754-63 ---- The French and Indian War

1765 ---- Albany buys the fort and other military buildings from the British

1766 ---- Sons of Liberty orchestrate opposition to the Stamp Act

1771 ---- The Albany Gazette, Albany's first newspaper provides a forum for Anglo ideas

1775 ---- First public meeting of the Albany Committee of Correspondence

1776 ---- Tories arrested for drinking to the King's health

1778 ---- Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies begin meeting in Albany

October 22, 1779 ---- Act of Attainder condemns fifty-nine Tories to death

1780 ---- New York State Legislature first meets in Albany

1782-83 ---- General George Washington visits Albany

November 1783 ---- British evacuate New York City - taking thousands of loyalists and refugee slaves

1790 ---- Albany population reaches 3,498


This online timeline begins to include some dates important to understanding loyalism and loyalists in the early history of the Albany community. It also facilitates access to the substantive parts of the site.

The Act of Attainder denounced the principal Tories in the state. It named fifty-nine individuals who were banished from the state, condemned them to death without trial if caught, and called for the confiscation of their property. On the list was Albany resident Abraham C. Cuyler - the last mayor under the British. Defined.

Other timelines will follow.

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first posted: 2/25/04