The "Discovery" Crew

Since this project had no grant funding or designated state appropriation, the operation of the batteau depended totally on State Museum staff and volunteers.

While there were a great many able and energetic people who pitched in on navigating the boat and providing shoreline support, there was a core group of six who were there, year in and year out, and without whom the boat would never have left the dock.

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Philip Lord Philip Lord, Jr., New York State Museum. Principal Investigator for The Durham Project (1982-1992), compiling research data on inland navigation in the 1790s that underwrote the project. Initiated the "Discovery" project in 1991. Crew and project educator, 1992-1994. Living history reenactor.
John Anson John Anson, New York State Museum (retired). Museum Exhibit Specialist and master builder of the batteau "Discovery" in 1991/92. Crew and project educator, 1992-1994. Living history reenactor.
Joseph Meany Joseph Meany, Jr., New York State Museum (retired). Acting State Historian, specialist on 18th century military batteau logistics. Crew and project educator, 1992-1994. Living history reenactor.
Robert Mulligan Robert Mulligan, Jr., New York State Museum (retired). Associate Curator, specialist in 18th century military history. Crew and project educator, specializing in canal stock sales, 1992-1994. Living history reenactor.
Olof Janssen Olaf Jansson, Volunteer (Fonda). Blacksmith and metal fabricator. Crew and project educator, 1992-1994. Living history reenactor.
George Haswell George Haswell, Volunteer (Watervliet). Officer, Merchant Marine. Rigger for "Discovery", 1991/92. Crew and project educator, 1992-1994. Struck and killed by lightning during Onondaga Lake program, July 1994.

At the three portages along the 1790s route (Little Falls, Rome and Fulton) men stood by with oxen and wagons to carry the boats over. At each carrying place, one man supervised the operations, and into the trust of that man - the Portage Master - the batteau crew would entrust their boat while it traveled across the land. Because of his service in recreating an authentic 1790s batteau portage, we welcome Michael Milewski as an honorary member of the crew of the batteau "Discovery".

Michael Milewski Michael Milewski, Volunteer (Rome). Blacksmith and boat pilot, Erie Canal Village Museum. Portage Master for "Discovery", 1993.


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