Sketch by Patricia Kernan


Iona Island BioBlitz 2000 - Results

Iona Island and Marshes - Stony Point, NY

September 15 - 16, 2000

Total = 20

ID Genus Species Common Name Location
1 Alosa aestivalis blueback herring marsh
2 Alosa pseudoharengus alewife marsh
3 Brevoortia tyrannus menhaden marsh
4 Catostomus commersoni white sucker marsh
5 Dorosoma cepedianum gizzard shad marsh
6 Etheostoma olmstedi tessellated darter marsh
7 Exoglossum maxilingua Cutlips minnow creek that flows under 9W just north of entrance
8 Fundulus diaphanus banded killifish marsh
9 Fundulus heteroclitus mummichog marsh
10 Lepomis auritus redbreast sunfish marsh
11 Lepomis gibbosus pumpkinseed marsh
12 Lepomis macrochirus bluegill marsh
13 Morone americanus white perch marsh
14 Morone saxatilis striped bass marsh
15 Notemiganus crysoleucus golden shiner marsh
16 Notropis athernoides emerald shiner marsh
17 Notropis hudsonius spottail darter (shiner?) marsh
18 Perca flavescens Yellow perch marsh
19 Pomatomus saltatrix bluefish marsh
20 Rhinichthys atratulus blacknosed dace creek that flows under 9W just north of entrance

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