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Iona Island BioBlitz 2000 - Results

Iona Island and Marshes - Stony Point, NY

September 15 - 16, 2000

Total = 254

ID Order Family Genus Species Common Name Notes
1 Coleoptera Carabidae

ground beetle
2 Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Seven-spotted Lady bug
3 Coleoptera Curculionidae

Acorn Weevil
4 Coleoptera Dytiscidae

predaceous diving beetle
5 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Aphodius sp. 1 Dung Beetle
6 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Aphodius sp. 2 Dung Beetle
7 Coleoptera Scarabidae Geopinus
8 Coleoptera Scarabidae Platynus
Ground Beetle
9 Coleoptera Scarabidae Serica serica Chafer
10 Coleoptera Staphylinidae

11 Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Tenebrio molilar Darkling Beetle
12 Dermaptera

13 Dictyoptera
14 Diptera

miscellaneous small flies ~90 species
15 Diptera Ceratopogonidae

16 Diptera Chironomidae

midge 5 sp.
17 Diptera Chironomidae

25 species
18 Diptera Chloropidae

19 Diptera Culicidae

mosquitoes 3 species
20 Diptera Dolichopodidae

slit legged
21 Diptera Lauxaniidae

beach flies
22 Diptera Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera
Spear-winged fly wow!
23 Diptera Muscidae

Muscid fly
24 Diptera Phoridae

hump-backed fly
25 Diptera Sarcophagidae

flesh flies
26 Diptera Sciaraidae

Sciarid fly
27 Diptera Sciaraidae Sciara
Sciarid Fly
28 Diptera Scotophagidae Scotophagus
scat fly
29 Diptera Simuliidae

30 Diptera Syrphidae

flower fly 4 species
31 Diptera Tabanidae

deer flies
32 Diptera Tachinidae

8 species
33 Diptera Tachinidae

Tachinid fly 2 species
34 Diptera Tachinidae Compsilura

35 Diptera Tipulidae

craneflies 3 species
36 Diptera Trichoceridae

winter craneflies 2 species
37 Hemiptera Miaidae

38 Hemiptera Miridae

Plant Bug
39 Hemiptera Pantatomidae

Stink bug
40 Homoptera Cicadellidae

leaf hopper 8 species
41 Homoptera Cicadidae

42 Homoptera Flatidae

43 Homoptera Fulgoridae

44 Homoptera Psyllidae

jumping plantlice
45 Hymenoptera Apidae Bombus
46 Hymenoptera Apidae Bombus griseocollis Bumblebee
47 Hymenoptera Apidae Bombus impatiens Bumblebee
48 Hymenoptera Apidae Ceratina dupla or calcarata Small carpenter Bee
49 Hymenoptera Apidae Psithyrus sp. Cuckoo Bumble bee
50 Hymenoptera Apidae Xylocopinae
Carpenter bee
51 Hymenoptera Braconidae Bracarois

52 Hymenoptera Cynipidae

Gall Wasp (Oak Apple Gall)
53 Hymenoptera Formicidae Camponotus
Carpenter Ant
54 Hymenoptera Formicidae Camponotus sp. Carpenter Ant
55 Hymenoptera Formicidae Crematogaster sp.

56 Hymenoptera Formicidae Formica
Field Ant
57 Hymenoptera Formicidae Formica sp. 1

58 Hymenoptera Formicidae Formica sp. 2 Thatching Ant
59 Hymenoptera Formicidae Lasius sp.

60 Hymenoptera Halictidae Agapostemon

61 Hymenoptera Halictidae Agapostemon virescens

62 Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae

Ichneumonid wasps 6 species
63 Hymenoptera Megachilidae Megachile sp. leaf cutter bee
64 Hymenoptera Pelecinidae Pelicinus polyturator

65 Hymenoptera Sphecidae Sceliphron

66 Hymenoptera Sphecidae Sceliphron

67 Hymenoptera Sphecidae Sphex

68 Hymenoptera Spheidae Ammophila sp.

69 Hymenoptera Spheidae Sphecius speciosus Cicada-killer wasp
70 Hymenoptera Vespidae Eumenes fraternus

71 Hymenoptera Vespidae Polistes
Paper wasp
72 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Ecpantheria scribonia leopard moth
73 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Grammia anna Tiger moth
74 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Holomelina aurantiaca Tiger moth
75 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Isia isabella Woolly bear
76 Lepidoptera Danaidae Danaus plexippus Monarch Butterfly
77 Lepidoptera Eglechiidae

~12 species
78 Lepidoptera Geometridae Caenurgina erechtea cutworm
79 Lepidoptera Geometridae Campaea perlata

80 Lepidoptera Geometridae Procheroides transversata

81 Lepidoptera Hesperiidea Euphyes vestris skipper
82 Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae Malacosoma americana tent caterpillar
83 Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae Tolype vellada

84 Lepidoptera Lyonetidae Buccalatrix sp.

85 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Amphipyra pyramidoides cutworm
86 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Catocala cara underwing
87 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Catocala residua underwing
88 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Feltia herilis cutworm
89 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Feltia jaculifera cutworm
90 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Feltia tricosa cutworm
91 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Laphygma frugipenda cutworm
92 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Leucania phragmatidicola cutworm
93 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Leucania sp. 1 cutworm
94 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Leucania sp. 2 cutworm
95 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Nephelodes minians cutworm
96 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Ogdoconta inereola cutworm
97 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Pseudaletia unipuncta armyworm
98 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Salgula partita cutworm
99 Lepidoptera Noctudiae Spodoptera ornithogalli cutworm
100 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Agrotis ypsilon cutworm
101 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Anagrapha precationis cutworm
102 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Apaniea migrata cutworm
103 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Elaphria grata cutworm
104 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Euretagrotis forbesi

105 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Helicoverpa zeae Corn earworm
106 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lacinipolia imbuna cutworm
107 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lacinipolia meditata cutworm
108 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lacinipolia olivacea cutworm
109 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lacinipolia renigera cutworm
110 Lepidoptera Noctuidae Zale lunata

111 Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Precis laevinia buckeye
112 Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Speyeria cybele Great Spangled Frittilary
113 Lepidoptera Papilionidae Papilio troilus spicebush
114 Lepidoptera Pieridae Colias eurythene Sulphur
115 Lepidoptera Pieridae Pieris rapae cabbage
116 Lepidoptera Plutellidae

1 sp.
117 Lepidoptera Pyralidae

snout moth ~20 species
118 Lepidoptera Pyralidae Crambus
Sod webworm
119 Lepidoptera Pyralidae Herculea sp.

120 Lepidoptera Satyridae Coenonympha tullia Plain ringlet
121 Lepidoptera Tineidae

2 sp.
122 Lepidoptera Tortmiidae Acleris sp.

123 Lepidoptera Tortricidae

leaf roller 8 sp.
124 Lepidoptera Tortricidae Carpocapsa pomonella Codling moth
125 Lepidoptera Yponomeutidae Ypononmeuta sp.

126 Neuroptera

Green lacewing
127 Neuroptera Hemerobiidae

Brown lacewing
128 Neuroptera Mantispidae Mantispa viridis mantid flies
129 Odonata Aeshnidae Anax junius Green Darner many flying
130 Odonata Coenagrion Amphiagrion saucium Eastern Red Damselfly
131 Odonata Cordulagasteridae Cordulgaster obliqua Arrowhead spiketail PN 1999 NAB
132 Odonata Libellulidae Enallagma sp. Bluet female, caught
133 Odonata Libellulidae Pantala flavescens Globetrotter flying w/ A. junius
134 Odonata Libellulidae Sympetrum sp. Meadowhawk Tim McCabe observed
135 Odonata Libellulidae Tramea lacerata Black Saddlebags seen near apple tree and on earlier visits
136 Odonata Petaluridae Tachopteryx thoreyi Gray petaltail PN 1999 NAB
137 Orthoptera Acrididae Melanoplus femurubra red-legged grasshopper
138 Orthoptera Acrididae Melanoplus sp. Field grasshopper
139 Orthoptera Blattidae Parcoblatta pensylvanica American Cockroach (nymph) in mammal trap
140 Orthoptera Gryllidae

ground aulets 2 species
141 Orthoptera Gryllidae

Field Cricket
142 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

roundhead grasshopper
143 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Meadow grasshopper 4 species
144 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Neoconocephalus
Cone-headed Grasshopper
145 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Scutteria
146 Phasmoidia Phasmidae

Walking stick
147 Psocoptera

bark lice 4 species
148 Trichoptera

Caddisfly 2 species
149 Trichoptera Limnephilidae Limnephilus submeriliter Caddisfly
150 Trichoptera Rhyacophilidae Rhyacophila sp. Caddisfly

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