Sketch by Patricia Kernan


Iona Island BioBlitz 2000 - Results

Iona Island and Marshes - Stony Point, NY

September 15 - 16, 2000

Other Invertebrates
Total = 10

ID Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Common name Notes
1 Arthropoda Arachnida Phalangida

2 Arthropoda Crustacea Isopoda

sow bug
3 Arthropoda Diplopoda

4 Mollusca Gastropoda

land snail
5 Mollusca Gastropoda

slug 2 3/4" yellowish/olive species
6 Annelida

Lumbricidae Lumbricus sp. earthworm
7 Annelida

8 Arthropoda Chilopoda

9 Arthropoda Arachnida Araneida
Misumena sp. crab spider sweep net
10 Arthropoda Arachnida Araneida Araneidae

Orb Weaver spider

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