This week at the museum

Children's Program
rain or's reading time!
July 29, 2015 :  10:30 A.M. - August 12, 2015 :  11:15 A.M.

Description:   Wednesdays: July 29 & August 12. Read a story with Miss Ann and visit a special exhibit to learn more about New York State. Free program for preschool age children. Meet at Kid's Cove.

shaker craft fair 
July 11, 2015 :  10:00 A.M. - September 13, 2015 :  4:00 P.M.


$4 per person, or $3 with this ad; SHS members, veterans and active-duty military, and under 18 free
Find the perfect item for your home or a gift for a friend at the Shaker Craft Fair. Explore the booths of dozens of local and regional artisans on the beautiful grounds of the Shaker Heritage Society. A Family Activity Tent will host fun hands-on activities for all ages throughout the weekend. Members of the Abenaki First Nation will offer traditional craft activities, displays, and music. Site tours are offered both days at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Fair food and pie will be available for purchase.

July 11 & 12, 10am-4pm

September 12 & 13, 10am-4pm

the north family shaker cemetery & memorial walking tour 
July 11, 2015 :  10:00 A.M. - September 26, 2015 :  11:30 A.M.


“The idea of keeping in mind, from generation to generation, the spot where the body was deposited” was, according to an 1886 sermon, preposterous to Elder Frederick Evans and other North Family Shakers. Still, different Shakers at different times did mark the graves of their departed and their views on life and death were not static. This walking tour will provide the back story to the North Family Shakers’ Cemetery and Memorial, one of Mount Lebanon's many cemeteries, still owned by the Shakers today.

Tour leaves from the Wash House at 10am. $10.00, free for Museum Members. July 11, August 22 & September 26.

The Shaker Museum | Mt. Lebanon is located at 202 Shaker Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125. Visit  for more information. 

side by side: shaker and modern design-gallery talk 
July 18, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - August 22, 2015 :  3:00 P.M.


Museum president David Stocks discusses “Side By Side: Shaker and Modern Design", an exhibition of Shaker objects from the Museum’s collections alongside the work of diverse mid-century and contemporary designers and furniture-makers, on display through October 12. 

Meet at Wash House at 2pm. $10.00, free for Museum Members. July 18, August 14 & 22. 

The Shaker Museum | Mt. Lebanon is located at 202 Shaker Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125. Visit  for more information. 

mount lebanon's great stone barn at shaker museum/mt. lebanon
July 31, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - August 07, 2015 :  3:00 P.M.

Cost: $10.00

The Great Stone Barn, built in 1859 as the largest stone barn in America, demonstrates the Shakers’ economic stability, confidence, and vision at the height of their success. Anchoring three wooden wings, the stone structure was 50 by 200 feet and five stories high. The Barn was gutted by fire in 1972. In 2013, the Museum undertook a multi-million dollar stabilization effort. Explore the history and current state of the Great Stone Barn, an accompanying exhibit, and a model showing its use. Following the recent completion of the first phase of restoration work, this is the first chance for the general public to tour inside the ruin.

Friday, July 31 and August 7 at 2 p.m.

Admission: $10 (free admission for museum members)

Space is limited, pre-registration is required.

Contact or 518-794-9100 ext. 220 to register.

albany's 1915 church family barn at shaker heritage society 
August 01, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - August 08, 2015 :  3:00 P.M.

Cost: $10.00

After a devastating fire destroyed the 1851 barn at the Albany Shaker Church Family?, the community set out to build a new barn complex. Designs were drawn up for an efficient and technologically advanced barn, which included a track system for handling manure, lightning rods, and roof ventilators. On May 20, 1915, with help from hired laborers, the Shakers raised their beautiful new barn. The Church Family closed only a decade later due to declining membership, but the barn still stands as a sign of their determination, innovation, and hopes for the future. Join us on a special tour and celebrate the centennial of this historically significant barn.

Saturday, August 1 and 8 at 2 p.m.

Admission: $10 (free for members)

Pre-registration is required.

Contact: or call (518) 456-7890 ext. 23 to register


hancock shaker village's iconic round stone barn at hancock shaker village
August 02, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - August 09, 2015 :  3:00 P.M.

Cost: $20.00

Take an in-depth tour of the iconic Round Stone Barn at Hancock Shaker Village. Built in 1826, the form was continually improved upon by pioneering Shaker brethren to improve the situation of the farmer and make the large-scale dairy farm more efficient. Learn about the stages of construction, the use of gravity, and why bank barns were developed and are still utilized today.

“The great object of agricultural curiosity at Hancock is their magnificent stone barn, two stories in height and 96 feet in diameter” –Rev. Henry Colman, 1835

Sunday, August 2 and 9 at 2 p.m.

Admission: $20 (free for members; children 12 and under are free, ages 13-17: $8)

Pre-registration is required. Contact: or call

(413) 443-0188 ext100 to register.


Family Program
family fun day
July 18, 2015 :  1:00 P.M. - September 19, 2015 :  4:00 P.M.


Each third Saturday of the month, the Museum offers fun for the whole family with games, crafts, and other theme-based activities. Check with Main Lobby for location. FREE  

July 18: Summertime Travel in NYS, August 15: Seashells & September 19: TBA



beautiful bugs, incredible invertebrates and fascinating freaks of nature 
July 29, 2015 :  10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.


A Mad Science Museum lab

Of the amazing diversity of life, 98% of the animals on earth are little known by the average person. Join Museum educator Hatti Langsford for an opportunity to closely examine some of New York’s more unusual creatures. Mad Science Museum programs include games, experiments and discovery-learning stations for fun, science-based activities related to NYSM collections, research and exhibits.  FREE

10-11am & 2-3pm  Families with children, ages 10 and older meet in Museum Lab

If you would like to book this program for your group, it is available Tuesday, July 21–Thursday, August 7. Please contact or call (518) 474-5843 for more information. 

trash to treasure
August 01, 2015 :  1:00 P.M. - September 12, 2015 :  3:00 P.M.

Description:   Trash to Treasure features an art project using manufacturing mistakes and materials destined for the landfill. Museum art instructor, Peggy Steinbach invites you to spend an Earth-friendly afternoon at the Museum. Programs are scheduled on Saturday: August 1 & September 12.

cinema sunday: indian relay
August 02, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.


The hope and determination of modern-day American Indian life is revealed in this film about what it takes to win one of the most exciting and perilous forms of horseracing practiced anywhere in the world today. Indian Relay follows three teams from different American Indian communities as they prepare for and compete in a grueling Indian Relay season all hearts set on the glory and honor of winning an Indian Relay National Championship. 2013. 60 minutes.  FREE

This week at the museum
Children's Program
n e w: let's go take a trip
September 12, 2015 :  11:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.

Description:   The first Saturday of September (the 5th) the Museum comes alive as Miss Peggy takes you on a trip to new sights, sounds and adventures right here in our very own State Museum!! This program features a different “trip” in the Museum each month. Come join in the fun and earn your Museum Traveler’s Badge! Meet at the Main Lobby Desk. Intended for ages 4-6 years old. September 5: TBA

Family Program
creative art day
August 08, 2015 :  1:00 P.M. - September 20, 2015 :  3:00 P.M.

Description:   Families are welcome to join Art Instructor, Peggy Steinbach for a creative art activity based on the following Museum exhibitions: 
June 13: CANCELLED, West Gallery  August 8: Contemporary Art of Native Americans, Crossroads Gallery & September 20: The World Trade Center: Rescue Recovery Response, New York Hall

art smart 
August 13, 2015 :  11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


Explore an exhibition with Museum Art instructor Peggy Steinbach and express your experience through the use of art materials to create a “masterpiece.” View some of the art from the State University of New York’s art students in the exhibition Best of SUNY then practice with some art materials to sharpen and enhance your personal art awareness.  FREE

11am-12pm; 1-2pm; 3-4pm Children, ages 6 and up. Sign up at Main Lobby Desk.

If you would like to book this program for your group, it is available Wednesdays and Thursdays only, July 8 through August 27. Please contact or call (518) 474-5843 for more information. There is a limit of 20 participants per session. 

Field Trip
a visit to the catskill mountains, 380 million years ago 
August 15, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Cost: $5.00

Agroforestry Resource Center & the Siuslaw Model Forest in Acra, NY

Registration required by August 13 | $5/per person 

Register online or call 518-622-9820 x0

The old rocks of the Catskills contain a history of eastern New York around 380 million years ago. Rivers wound westward to a shallow sea, passing through some of Earth’s oldest forests. And an Andean-size mountain range ran through New England, shedding sand and mud. Join Dr. Chuck Ver Straeten of the NYS Museum for an overview of the Catskills at that time, followed by a walk to look at the rocks. Learn about the ancient environments, their forests, and the mountains to the east, and see charcoal in the rocks from 380 million year old wildfires.

cinema sunday: the citizen
September 13, 2015 :  2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.


Yearning to leave behind his life of misfortune in the Middle East, Ibrahim Jarrah wins the U.S. Green Lottery for a chance to become an American citizen. He lands in New York City the day before 9/11 and the events of the September terrorist attacks forever shapes the struggles he faces on his journey to capture the American dream. Inspired by true events, filmmaker Sam Kadi’s feature is a gripping tale of courage, love, and perseverance, the qualities of a true citizen. 2012. 99 minutes.  FREE 

the second day 
September 20, 2015 :  3:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.


This documentary film is done thru a child’s eye by a child that was attending his second day of Kindergarten a few blocks from the World Trade Center when the planes struck the Twin Towers.  At age 11, Brook Peters decided to make a film about that fateful day and its aftermath to give his fellow students and teachers at Ground Zero area schools a chance to share with the world their experiences. The Second Day is his touching and inspirational documentary, completed when he was 14. The film provides a unique and hopeful perspective on 9/11 through the eyes of young people and educators who lived through it.  FREE 

9/11 and tom junod's "the falling man" 
September 11, 2015 :  7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Description:   Richard Drew's photograph of "The Falling Man" has become the iconic representation of the thousands of victims killed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In 2003, Tom Junod’s article, "The Falling Man" was published in Esquire magazine. Listen to a reading of the article by Tom Junod and hear about the story behind the photo, the search for the man pictured in it and the lasting controversy surrounding the image. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask Tom Junod questions following the reading. Prior to the reading from 6–7pm, attendees can also view the New York State Museum’s exhibition “World Trade Center: Rescue, Recovery, Response” and talk with the exhibit planner and Museum Director, Mark Schaming. Registration is recommended, but not necessary: email or call (518) 474-0575. Mr. Junod is a 1980 alumnus of the University at Albany, and this program is sponsored jointly by the University at Albany and the New York State Museum.  FREE