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    Bryology image
The Bryology Collection
The bryology collection includes mosses, liverworts, and hornworts and it serves to document these plant groups as they are represented in the New York State flora. It also includes significant holdings from other parts of the United States and from other countries.
    Malacology Collection

The Mycological Collection
Created by Charles Peck from 1868 to 1913, with contributions by other mycologists, this collection currently contains more than 90,000 specimens, including type specimens of American fungi collected during the early years of American mycology.

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Vascular Plants Herbarium
This collection includes the vouchers for John Torrey's Flora of the State of New York (1843) and special collections that have been developed to support particular research programs and to assist in answering queries from outside the Museum.
    From the Ichthyology collection
The Ichthyology Collection
This collection emphasizes the fishes of New York State, and consists of approximately 62,000 lots of freshwater and marine fish collected from 1843 to the present in all parts of the state.
    Mammalogy Collection
The Mammalogy Collection
From mice to moose, bat to baleen whale, the mammal collection includes over 15,000 specimens in the form of skins, bones, fluid specimens and frozen tissue.
    Ornithology Collection

The Ornithology Collection
The collection of over 20,000 specimens includes skeletons, skins, taxidermy mounts, frozen tissues, and egg sets collected throughout New York since the 1840's.
    Cohoes Mastodon
The Vertebrate Paleontology Collection
The Vertebrate Paleontology collection consist of nearly 12,000 specimens from across the state and includes fossils predominately from the late Pleistocene (~15,000 years).

    From the Decapoda collection
The Decapoda Collection
The decapod collection consists of approximately 3,500 lots stored in ethyl alcohol. This collection dates to the late 1890s and includes representatives of all marine and freshwater species found in New York.
    Lepida image
The Entomology Collection
This collection began with Asa Fitch's work in 1854, studying insects injurious to plants and to build a collection of insects for the state, and recently has concentrated on medical and forest entomology and insect pathology.
    From the  Malacology collection
The Malacology Collection
The malacology collection consists of large series of freshwater gastropods and bivalves in addition to the Blinn Collection of marine shells, with recent acquisition of the Cornell University collection of central New York aquatic molluscs.

    Scientific/Natural History Illustration Collection
The Natural and Cultural History Illustration Collection
houses two dimensional artwork created for Museum, as well as donations and acquisitions over the past 150 years. This collection tells a visual story of scientific research in the state and our continuing growth in understanding art, cultural history, and science.

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