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Donate to the Mammalogy Collection

Contribute specimens to the mammal collection:
The museum's mammal collection grows from a combination of active collecting and the donation of specimens. We welcome your donation, be it a dead chickadee you found near your house, your grandfather’s hunting trophy, or a large collection of preserved specimens. Preserved specimens are especially valuable, but whole (fresh or frozen) dead animals or skinned carcasses (for skeletons) are also usefull.

Information We Need:
Specimens without good data are much less valuable to us. If at all possible, please record the following information: 1) Location (be as precise as possible); 2) Date of collection; 3) Other information that is useful, but not necessary, includes your name, collection method (e.g., roadkill, found dead, trapped), and habitat type (e.g., old meadow, maple woodlands, near stream, etc…).

First Class Storage Facilities:
The state's mammal collection is kept in light-proof cases housed in climate controlled rooms. Our intentions are to keep every specimen in perfect condition forever, and most of our old specimens are in excellent shape. Our collections have been reviewed and approved by the by the American Society of Mammalogists.

Please arrange donations by e-mail or phone with Joe Bopp, our Collection Manager.

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