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Wisdom begins in Wonder — Socrates

Senator Saland has introduced S.5781 The Museum Education Act

Students from throughout the state must learn how to access, interpret, and analyze information to succeed in the increasingly complex, high-tech world of the 21st century.

Learning stretches beyond the classroom to such diverse environments as libraries, laboratories, historical societies, and museums. New York’s museums play a major role in helping our students acquire the skills and knowledge needed for success. Museums educate, entertain, and excite students, helping them to learn critical higher-order thinking skills.

The Museum Education Act directly aligns New York State’s unparalleled cultural resources with the state learning standards and the Regents P–16 Plan for Action. This powerful act will create new resources for museums and schools, enabling them to provide teachers and students with essential learning tools that ultimately will make New York more competitive in the global economy.
The Museum Education Act:
  • Creates a partnership between schools and cultural institutions to prepare students for the 21st century
  • Provides resources for museums and schools to develop standards-based educational programs
  • Provides access for all New York State students to our cultural heritage
  • Supports innovative teaching strategies for the learning of 21st century skills
Allocates $30 million to cultural institutions through:
  • A formula-based grant program ($16 million)
  • Competitive grant programs for the development of:
    • Innovative standards-based educational programs in museums ($6.5 million)
    • Standards-based educational programs in not-for-profit performing arts institutions, other cultural institutions, and community organizations ($5 million)
  • An evaluation and assessment component to document the effectiveness of these programs in addressing Regents’ learning priorities ($2.5 million)

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