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Program Duration: 45 minutes
Grade Level: 7th - 12th Grades
Availability: September to April

Birds and Mammals
Meet ducks, owls, squirrels, beavers, and more as you explore the wonderful world of birds and mammals. Students will use critical thinking skills to identify different mammal skulls and then conduct research on the birds of bird hall exploring migration, habitat, nesting and more.
NYS Standards: MST 4

Ellis Island Experience
What was it like to be an immigrant in the early 1900s? Imagine a long ride on a storm-tossed ship not knowing what you will find when you arrive. At Ellis Island, you must pass a medical exam before being released into your new life. Do you speak the language? Where will you live? Students are challenged to compare the dreams and the hardships of immigrant families and explore the complicated process of becoming American.
NYS Standards: SS 1, 2, 4; LA 1, 3

Minerals Rock!
How are the rocks we see around us made? How can we identify minerals? Students will work together to determine types of rocks and minerals based on their own observations using scientific tools and techniques. They will then enjoy an independent exploration of the mineral exhibit to search for specific minerals found in the Adirondacks, prospect for minerals in a mining expedition, and investigate the bedrock of New York.
NYS Standards: MST 1, 4

People of the Longhouse
What were Iroquois culture, community, and confederacy like over 500 years ago? Students will examine archaeological evidence, first-hand accounts, and step into a full-size reconstruction of a Mohawk longhouse to explore the material culture, values, and daily-life of Iroquois families.  Students will discover the many types of evidence they need to build a deeper understanding of the lives of the men, women and children who lived 500 years ago in an Iroquois village.
NYS Standards: SS 1, 3, 4

Whales and Seashores
What is happening to whales? Students will investigate this question through an interdisciplinary program. Students will discover the diversity of marine life by exploring taxonomy using real and historic images and documents from the age of whaling. Students will gain a sense of scale through a group activity measuring many types of whales.
NYS Standards: MST 4, 5, 7; S 1, 3, 4, 5

Tenement - Beyond Ellis Island
Was New York the same city for all of its residents? Using primary documents, students will compare contrast the lives of New York City residents from different economic levels, and cultural backgrounds. Using the New York State Museum's exhibit "Metro Hall" as evidence, students will explore mass production, consumerism, urbanization, social change, and immigration.
NYS Standards: SS 1

Native Peoples of New York - A Journey
Take a journey into the past to meet the first inhabitants of New York. Examine multiple types of evidence to learn about their daily lives. Students will study the tools and objects used by Native Peoples in New York to learn about their changing technologies and how this provided new opportunities to use environmental resources.
NYS Standards: SS 1, 3, 4

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