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State Education Commissioner Mills reads with Museum Club kids
The Museum Club is an educational enrichment program that serves Albany children, ages 8-13. A diverse staff creates a welcoming, informal atmosphere that encourages kids to embrace mutual respect and to believe in themselves as they explore the Museum’s resources together. Children are encouraged to inquire and express their thoughts and feelings while gaining confidence in a supportive, youth-oriented environment.
inspire kids to explore their world through object-based, hands-on activities. Programs compliment core curricula while increasing each child’s motivation for learning through fun-filled, thematic programs.

Dr Roland Kays explains his research
in mammology.

Jazz Painting
Jazz Painting

  • continued learning while helping or teaching others
  • career development and improving communication skills
  • goal setting and practicing critical thinking skills
  • working as a team and learning to embrace and explore differences
  • developing research and study skills in preparation for college
  • homework, tutoring and academic support
  • emphasis on the development of study skills & good study habits
  • learning through fun, interactive programming with the use of Museum objects, exhibits, collections, research labs and through the expertise of Museum personnel
  • communication with families, teachers, social workers to foster a team approach
Museum Open Tuesday-Sunday: 9:30 am to 5 pm | Carousel Hours: 10 am to 4:30 pm
Office of Cultural Education | New York State Education Department
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