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Educational Resources

The following three lessons have been designed to aid educators in teaching students about a variety of factors related to art making, including specific methods and techniques, stylistic movements, and the context and impact of place in creativity. The Educator Guides, downloadable as PDFs, provide both in depth information for the teacher as well as structured recommendations for student engagement. The Google Classroom slides can be utilized directly by students. 

Education Guide - Lessons in Creating a Sense of Place Cover

Education Guide: Lessons in Creating a Sense of Place

Lithography and Printing Making Cover Page

Education Guide: A Lesson in Lithography and Printmaking

Education Guide - Lessons in Landscapes Cover

Education Guide: Lessons in Landscapes

Exhibition Brochure

Bring all of the information about the history, art, and evolution of the Woodstock Art Colony anywhere you go with this concise (and downloadable!) brochure!