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Focus on Nature VII

April 25 – September 9, 2002

Previous Purchase Prize Awards: The recipients of the Purchase Prize Awards at Focus on Nature VII in 2002 were Michael Rothman (USA), Alan Male (England) and Rosemarie Schwab (Canada).

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Artwork from Focus on Nature VII
Michael Rothman
Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA
Cacao in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, Pink-legged Graveteiro, Amaryllis relative, and Golden Lion Tamarin Theobroma cacao, Acrobatornis fonsecai, Griffinia espiritensis, Leontopithecus chrysomela
Acrylics on bristol board (Strathmore, 3-ply plate), 2001
Commissioned by the World Watch Institute for Dec./Nov. 2001 issue


Artwork from Focus on Nature VII
Alan Male
Cornwall, England
Beautiful Jumper Spider
Philaeus chrysops
Gouache, watercolor on paper (Schollerhammer), 1997


Artwork from Focus on Nature VII
Rosemarie Schwab
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
American Woodcock in Courtship Flight
Scolopax minor
Watercolor, gouache on illustration board, 1994

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