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Focus on Nature IX

April 20 – September 10, 2006

Previous Purchase Prize Awards: The recipients of the Purchase Prize Awards at Focus on Nature IX in 2006 were Emily S. Damstra, Elisabeth C. de Boor, Monika DeVries Gohlke, Amelia Hansen, Alan Male, Mali Moir and Rosemarie Schwab.

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Speckled Dace by Emily Damstra
Emily S. Damstra
Ontario, Canada
Speckled Dace
Rhinichthys osculus
Color pencil, 2005


Common Thistle by Elisabeth de Boor
Elisabeth C. de Boor
Madison, WI, USA
Common Thistle
Circium discolor
Etching, 1973


Cacao by Monika DeVries Gohlke
Monika DeVries Gohlke
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Theobroma cacao
Etching, 2005


Black bear by Amelia Hansen
Amelia Hansen
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
American Black Bear Newborn Cub
Ursus americanus
Watercolor on paper, 2005


Fishing spider by Alan Male
Alan Male
Truro, Cornwall, England
Fishing Spider
Argyroneta aquatica
Watercolor/gouache, 2000


Spear lily by Mali Moir
Mali Moir
Melbourne, Australia
Spear Lily
Doryanthes palmeri
Watercolor, 2005


Snakees of Quebec by Rosemarie Schwab
Rosemarie Schwab
Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
Snakes of Quebec: Ringneck, Milk, Water, Smooth Green, Brown, Redbelly, Common Garter
Diadophis punctatus, Lampropeltis triangulum, Nerodia sipedon, Liochlorophis vernalis, Storeria dekayi, S. occipitomaculata, Thamnophis sp.
Watercolor on illustration board, 2005

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