Ongoing Exhibitions: Metropolis

Pier 98 from the Metropolis Exhibition
The history of New York City and its environs is traced as the natural harbor transforms into a bustling port, open spaces into canyons of skyscrapers and a wilderness into a world city.

New York City: Here is New York
A new introduction this hall, the Museums newest exhibition exploring architecture, transportation, culture, bedrock geology, though objects, art, photographs, an interactive station, and more.

Skyscraper City
Rapid growth and changing land use, development of new building forms and technology and its impact on New Yorkers

Open Spaces
The region's open spaces including Long Island and Central Park

The Port
The stories of how a natural harbor setting turned into the an economic capital with immigration and industry

Metropolis on the Move
Changes in the transportation system of New York City complete with historic A-Train car.

City of Neighborhoods
An in-depth look at Harlem in the 1920 , The Tuck High Chinatown shop, a 1930s West side Barber shop, the Ellis Island experience, and even a visit to Sesame Street!

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