Past Exhibitions :: Driven to Abstraction: Contemporary Work by American Artists

Saturday, January 28, 2006 - Sunday, March 26, 2006
Exhibition Hall

Wimberley, Red Shoes

Frank W. Wimberley, Red Shoes, 1998, acrylic on canvas, 46 x 46 inches

During the early years of Abstract Expressionism in post-World War II America, gifted     trailblazers like Hale Woodruff, Norman Lewis, and Harlan Jackson  demonstrated—contrary to the opinions of certain scholars and critics—that artists of color could indeed use abstraction in art as a viable means for conveying the depths of human intelligence and emotion. Despite the fact that they never received the recognition that they justly deserved for their achievements, their displays of courage, commitment, and artistic integrity have continued to inspire succeeding generations of artists—including many of the second- and third-generation abstract artists in this exhibition.


Each work in Driven to Abstraction is the result of a creative process in which the artist has enacted a balanced arrangement of lines, shapes, colors, or textures within a two-dimensional format. The materials used range from canvas, paper, charcoal, and oil to more recent technological products and media like carbon paper ink, Mylar, and digital photography. While the results may recall the mystery of dreams, the liveliness of music and dance, or qualities associated with the natural environment; they can also be affirming, challenging, uplifting, or express aspects of reality often unnoticed or rarely acknowledged in everyday life. All the same, an inspired visitor should feel the freedom to explore and discover possible meanings within each work of art.

Stephen J. Tyson, Guest Curator


This exhibition is co-sponsored by Black Dimensions in Art, Inc. with partial funding from the New York State Council on Arts.

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