Past Exhibitions :: Look-Alikes

Saturday, May 5, 2007 - Sunday, March 2, 2008
Crossroads Gallery

Look Alikes poster

“Come visit a land of wild surprises, where common objects wear disguises!” When it comes to Look-Alikes, there is much more than meets the eye. Joan Steiner, an artist from Hudson, creates realistic miniature scenes using everyday objects such as dog biscuits, toothpaste caps, pencils, buttons, soda straws, and peanuts. In her amazing world, gloves become a sofa, Venetian blinds appear as the siding on a house, and a balloon transforms into a red dress. Kids of all ages will enjoy getting a close-up look at the scenes that were created for several of Joan Steiner’s popular Look-Alikes books. Look carefully to discover the hundreds of objects that Joan creatively uses to construct her amazing, miniature world.


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