Past Exhibitions :: Mapping the Birds of New York : The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State

Friday, October 3, 2008 - Sunday, August 16, 2009
Photography Gallery

Breeding Birds Atlas Signage
Of the more than 450 bird species that have been seen in New York, about 245 nest here. The New York State Breeding Bird Atlas projects have mapped where each of those species breeds in the state. The Blue Jay, for example, nests all across New York, but the Gray Jay breeds only in the Adirondacks. The second Breeding Bird Atlas project has just been completed, and the new distribution maps reveal how our breeding birds have fared in the 20 years since the first Atlas was printed. Is the distribution of the Purple Martin shrinking? Is the distribution of the Carolina Wren expanding? Learn the answers in this exhibition, which highlights the publication, The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State. The exhibition includes original artwork from the book, bird mounts, and stories of how the Atlas fieldwork was accomplished.


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