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September 11, 2001: A Global Moment

About the Exhibit

The Recovery exhibition includes 65 photographs and 56 recovered artifacts, a timeline of events from September 11, 2001, interpretive text panels and an interactive touch screen that contains FBI film of the recovery operations, and sympathy objects from across the world. Many of the items come from the New York State Museum’s extensive collection of objects, art, oral histories and memorial material obtained from Ground Zero and the Fresh Kills Landfill. Many of the items in the larger collection have been used in the museum’s permanent exhibition in Albany, N.Y., the nation’s largest and most comprehensive permanent exhibition about the World Trade Center history and September 11th attacks. Additional significant artifacts are available with the exhibition for suitable institutions.

The exhibition includes a recovered American flag, several World Trade Center souvenirs, building keys, signs, guns and sections of the building facade, marble floor and airplane fragments. Among the rescue-related objects are a NYPD radio holster, a firefighter’s Scott pack (oxygen tank) and fragments of a destroyed fire truck. A touch screen interactive contains FBI film of the operations and an inventory of objects in the museum’s collections.

Collectively, the items in the traveling exhibition help to tell the unheralded story of what happened when the recovery effort moved beyond Ground Zero to Fresh Kills landfill, the “city on the hill” on Staten Island where recovery workers toiled for long, tedious hours at a disheartening task.

  • 2,500 square feet
  • Flexible configuration
  • Large objects available – please inquire
  • Exhibit toolkit including logo, images, and media kit
  • Installation and design manual detailing exhibition layout, installation and maintenance
  • Educator's guide with information for teachers and students
Availability and Fees

Contact Nancy Kelley at (518) 474-0080 or for more information

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