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The entry deadline for FON XIV will be March 16, 2016.
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Criteria for Selection

Debra Barlett (Mount Dandenong, Australia)
Black Hellebore (Helleborus x hybridus)
Watercolor on paper, 2010

The Focus on Nature jury selects original* works of natural and cultural history subjects (in whole or in part), excluding human anatomy and portraiture, that demonstrates:

  • a high degree of technical skill
  • scientific accuracy, including taxonomic definition
  • aesthetic qualities, including composition
  • a unique scientific and/or artistic viewpoint, techniques, medium, or format (organic depiction, schematics, diagrams, etc.) including traditional, mixed and multimedia, or computer-generated images
  • a broad representation of artists

*The jury is looking for original artworks, not digital versions of traditional media. Scanned traditional techniques that have been significantly modified (as decided by the jury) should be entered as mixed media and an explanation of the modifications provided in comments section of entry form. If this is not provided, it will not be considered for jury. Printouts of traditional media (e.g., scanned image of a watercolor) without significant modification are not acceptable. The acceptability of modifications is at the discretion of the jury.

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