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Welcome to “A History of the New York State Museum.” The New York State Museum, located in the capital city of Albany, New York, is a major research and educational institution that, by law, conducts systematic investigations into the geology, biology, anthropology and history of New York. It is mandated to disseminate the results of this work through its educational and advisory services to benefit the economy, environment, health and education of the people of the State. The Museum hosts more than 750,000 visitors each year, making it one of the largest cultural attractions in the state.

It is a research museum, one of a select and vital group of institutions charged by our society with both preserving and investigating the material record of our past. It is the only such institution which takes New York State, its natural and cultural heritage, as its mandate.

The New York State Museum has played a vital role in the discovery of knowledge in the natural sciences and in the dissemination of this knowledge through its exhibitions and programs. Our collections document the dawn of science in North America and established the role of museum collections in documenting its community. This legacy is, of course, a source of great pride for me and the staff of the Museum. With that legacy comes an obligation – an obligation to continue the legacy of excellence in research, collection care and public programming but also an obligation to share that legacy with our public.

By sharing this legacy we help advance public understanding of the role of research museums in society. This understanding, in turn, helps to assure the continued strength and vitality of the New York State Museum for all future New Yorkers.

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For more information about the New York State Museum, its mission, vision, and plans, contact the State Museum Office of Communication, 3099, Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY 12230

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