Mammals Revealed - Discovery and Documentation of Secretive Creatures


Photograph of the Mammals Revealed exhibit

About the Exhibit

Mammals Revealed was on exhibit at the New York State Museum from January to December 2005. The exhibit was curated by Dr. Roland Kays, planned by Carrie Bernardi, and designed by Chris Sanford and Leigh Ann Smith.

Special thanks are extended to:

Al Hicks, Ben Tabor & Carl Herzog, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Heidi Krestler & Leslie Karasin, Wildlife Conservation Society

Link Olson & Brandy Jacobsen, University of Alaska Museum

Greg Marshall, National Geographic

Jean Spence & Darrin Lunde, American Museum of Natural History

Robert Kirk, Princeton University Press

Mike Hoffman, Conservation International

Bill Stanley & Bruce Patterson, The Field Museum

Wes Sechrest, ICUN Global Mammal Assessment

Christian Ziegler & Marcos Guerra, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Don Wilson, Smithsonian

Judy Kays


Liz McClelland, Wendy Smith, Todd Zalewski, Nancy Halliday, Consie Powel, and Sandra Doyle @ Wildlife Art.

Sara Hill, John Armstrong & Chris Conto: New York Networks/SUNYSAT

For additional information, contact:

Roland Kays, Curator of Mammals at the New York State Museum.



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