Northeastern Friends of the Pleistocene 2014 Annual Meeting

friends of the pleistoceneJune (6*), 7 & 8, 2014
Auburn, New York

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The 2014 NEFOP Meeting Hosted by the New York State Geological Survey/New York State Museum will be a look into the Quaternary Geology of Cayuga County, New York. Various stops/discussions will focus on:

  • Proglacial lake sequences within the Cayuga Lake Basin and Ontario Lowlands
  • Early, Middle and Late Wisconsinan stratigraphy
  • Sediment-landform relationships
  • Ice-margin chronology/meltwater routing
  • Subglacial landforms within the Ontario Drumlin Field
  • MegaFauna colonization and extinction in NY
  • Radiocarbon dating and Chronometric Hygiene
  • Deglaciation and Paleo-Indian occupation.
  • Glacial frameworks & groundwater

*On June 6th, there will be a pre-meeting field excursion at 1pm at Hoxie Gorge, just south of Cortland. This will be led by David Barclay (SUNY Cortland), and will be a 2 to 3 hour hike to discuss and look at evidence of:

  • the pre-glacial drainage of the eastern Finger Lakes region
  • a classic Finger Lakes gorge with pre- and post-glacial segments
  • landforms of the Valley Heads advance.

This excursion will conclude with a self-guided 50-minute drive to Auburn (meeting headquarters) along Route 41, which will take participants across Valley Heads outwash and kame moraine to one of the best overlooks of a finger lake in the region.

Meeting registration:
Friday, June 6th from 4:30 - 7:00 pm at the Auburn Holiday Inn (location 0 on the provided map).
Saturday, June 7th from 7:00 - 7:45 am at the Auburn Holiday Inn.

The official meeting will be Saturday June 7th and 8th.
Please note: Every effort will be made to follow the outlined stops, however field trip stops are planned (tentative) and subject to change.

Saturday, June 7:
7:30 am: We will begin our tour of Cayuga County with the following field stops:
Stop 1: Moravia and Locke. High elevation Glacial Lake Ithaca deltas, stratigraphy and shoreline
Stop 2: (tentative): Ice Walled Lake Plains; an enigmatic geomorphic features identified via LiDAR as
Ice Walled Lake Plains based upon observation and comparative studies of similar features in the
Stop 3: Great Gully (Principle Stop for the day). Stratigraphic sections with multiple till sequences and
new age constraints provide insight for regional chronology. Excellent exposures of deformation and till, discussions on glacial deformation in stratigraphic investigations. NOTE: This stop here will require hiking and descending steep slopes in rugged terrain to access exposures.
Stop 4: Dumond Wetland. Ice marginal morphology, wetland core stratigraphy, plant macro fossils and new age constraints on ice marginal chronology..
Stop 5: (may be moved to Sunday) Auburn Moraine. Discussions on moraine morphology, stratigraphic exposures and relations to proglacial lake levels and LiDAR profile.

Saturday evening will be the Annual Business meeting and banquet.

Sunday, June 8:
Stop 6/7: Montezuma Wetlands. Thick deposits of lake sand and peat deposits document proglacial lake levels. Numerous cores, geophysical surveys, and new chronologic constraints including Younger Dryas stratigraphy
Stop 8: Lock 26 of the Erie Canal. (Clyde, NY). Meltwater channels observed near Lock 26 provide insight into the flow characteristics, meltwater routing, ice margin morphology, subglacial landforms and new chronologic evidence for proglacial lakes and meltwater fluctuations.
Stop 9: Cato Drumlins and subglacial landscapes. Discussion of models of formation, field observations and new analytical techniques using anisotropic magnetic susceptibility to examine the shear fabric of drumlins in the Ontario Drumlin Field.

Trip Leaders:
-Andrew Kozlowski and Brian Bird of the NY State Museum\NY State Geological Survey
-David Barclay SUNY Cortland

Contributors/Stop Leaders:
-Robert Feranec & Jonathon Lothrop - NY State Museum,
-Ed Evenson & Nate Hopkins - Lehigh University,
-Dorothy Peteet - NASA\Lamont Doherty,
-Laura Sherrod & Dea Musa - Kutztown University
- Bill Kappel - US Geological Survey

For details contact:

Andrew Kozlowski
(518) 486-2012
Brandon Graham
(518) 474-5810


» Download 2014 NEFOP Meeting Application Packet (PDF)
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