Iron ore discovery and mining has a long history in New York State. Smock (1889) was the first scientist to report and formulate the first classification of the iron deposits in New York. His classification based on a “geologico- geographical arrangement” included almost all the iron occurrences known at that time and all the major types such as “magnetic iron, hematite, limonite, carbonates”.

During the mining operations in the last century, the iron mines from New York were a source of exquisite mineral specimens. We have to mention here the gem quality chondrodite, titanite, and clinochlore or the spectacular magnetite crystals from Mineville, Essex County. Beck (1842) noted about the O’Neil mine, Orange County that it is “one of the most interesting localities of the crystallized variety of the magnetic iron ore.” The Tilly Foster Mine, Putnam County was the best of the iron mine mineral producers. Here, more than 130 mineral species were found and many mineral pseudomorphs were described (Dana 1874).


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