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Advisory Services:

One of the specified mission requirements of the 1945 legislation establishing the New York State Science Service is to make available the NYSGS’s services to all departments of the State and residents of the State, and to cooperate with scientific units or agencies of other states, the federal government, educational institutions, and industry, in the discovery, analysis, and dissemination of scientific information.

Advisory service activities fall into two broad categories: (1) single, individual requests for geologic information or advice, and (2) continuing advisory service projects related to specific State or federal programs. NYSGS currently maintains a data-base program for storage, search and retrieval of greater than 8000 Open File listings. These can be accessed by author, subject matter, project, or geographic area of the state.

In September 2006, NYSGS staff began subterranean investigations with ground-penetrating-radar (GPR) surveys of cave systems in the Albany Region and Schoharie County to measure sediment thickness and guide future excavations in search of Pleistocene age faunal remains. Additional cooperative projects with State Museum archeologists and the Department of Environmental Conservation utilize GPR to search for unmarked graves and other sites of buried cultural antiquity.  Recently, GPR surveys were performed in Orange County to locate the remains of one or more wooly mammoths.




The New York State Geological Survey (NYSGS) is a bureau of
the New York State Museum in the New York State Education Department.