Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization Group

The Empire State Oil and Gas Information System (ESOGIS) provides users with access to all of New York’s publicly available oil and gas data. The responsibility of the Reservoir Characterization Group is to maintain New York’s collection of oil and gas data (paper files, logs, samples, well core etc.) and also to perform and promote research on New York’s potential for oil and gas development and storage.

Currently ESOGIS allows users to query New York’s oil and gas wells and view the results in tabular or detailed format. Individual projects can be created with wells selected from query results and mass downloads of data are available for those wells within a specific project. Data available for download currently include general well information, production data, formation tops, paper files, rasterized well logs and digital well logs for those wells which are considered deep (reaching the Trenton Formation).

The Reservoir Characterization Group is performing petrographic and the geochemical analysis of Lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks in the Mohawk Valley of New York. Surface structures are being studied as analogs to the deeper, fault-induced, hydrothermal diagenesis of dolomite that is the basis for the largest natural gas play seen in New York in decades.  Geochemical analysis of rocks recovered from drill core of the Marcellus shale, and structural analysis of that unit are ongoing in order to define the geological fairway for that gas play.  



The New York State Geological Survey (NYSGS) is a bureau of
the New York State Museum in the New York State Education Department.