Astronauts of Inner-Space: The Millbrook Commune and the ‘60s

12:10 PM –12:30 PM (followed by brief Q & A period)
Huxley Theater

“Turn on, tune in and drop out” during your lunchbreak and join NYS Historian Devin Lander as he explores New York’s unique role in the psychedelic ‘60s through the history of the Millbrook Commune, Timothy Leary’s ‘Grounded Space Colony’ housed on a 2,500 acre estate in Dutchess County. From its founding in 1963 as one of the nation’s first psychedelic intentional communities, through its eventual forced closure in 1968, the Millbrook Commune was the epicenter of East Coast psychedelia. It played host to a who’s who of ‘60s countercultural icons while becoming a microcosm of the struggle between the established societal ideals of law and order and a new concept of personal and religious freedom introduced through the ingesting of psychedelic substances.