Karl, Get Out of the Garden! Carolus Linnaeus and the Naming of Everything with local author Anita Sanchez

1-3 p.m.
Museum Lab

Why name things? “If you do not know the names of things,” said the great naturalist Carolus Linnaeus, “the knowledge of them is lost, too.” He used forests and gardens as “living textbooks” to teach his students about the wonders of nature. His quest to classify and name every living thing in the world began the system of scientific classification we use today.

During this program, author Anita Sanchez will discuss her latest children’s book. The book explains the complex system of scientific classification in clear and simple language, and is of special interest to science teachers, museum educators, parents, and anyone who teaches children about science. The program includes a presentation of Linnaeus’s gardens and collections, as well as hands-on activities with scientific specimens such as feathers, animal bones, shells, seeds, and insects.

Anita’s book will be available for purchase and signing the day of the program.