“To Be So Confin’d: Complexities of Slavery in 18th Century New York” A Dramatic Presentation on Northern Slavery (followed by a talk by Travis M. Bowman)

Saturday, February 29, 2020

2 pm
Huxley Theater

During this short play, you will learn about slavery through the experiences of individuals at the household of Major-General Philip Schuyler in Albany, NY.  Peter an older enslaved cooper (a maker of barrels) who has never known complete freedom argues with his young apprentice Cuff, who was born free. Their debate, set in 1784, illustrates the dangers and opportunities for people of African descent in newly formed America. This mini-play stars Frederick Jones and Donald Hyman. (15 minutes)

Following the play, Travis M. Bowman will present his talk, "Slavery and Dutch-Palatine Farmers: How Did Middle Class Farmers in Colonial New York Interact with Slavery?" Usually considered a Southern issue, slavery played a surprisingly large role in colonial and revolutionary era New York. Join Travis M. Bowman, senior curator at the New York State Bureau of Historic Sites, as he examines how slavery evolved in New York under the Dutch, British, and American systems of government and how the institution was used at a local and personal level among middle class farmers in the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys.