Ten Thousand Women Descend on Albany: The 40th Anniversary of the NYS Women’s Meeting

12:10 PM –12:30 PM (followed by brief Q & A period)
Huxley Theater

In 1975, the United Nations Year of the Woman, US Congress passed a law supporting a national women’s conference, and 56 state and territory meetings to be held in 1977. Join Senior Historian Ashley Hopkins-Benton to learn about the New York State Women’s Meeting, which met in the new spaces of the Empire State Plaza on July 8–10, 1977. Planners expected 3,000 attendees, but approximately 10,000 showed up to discuss women’s issues that would then be taken up at the National Women’s Conference in Houston, held in November 1977. At the National Conference, twenty-six planks were adopted for a national plan of action to address equality. 


Women's Meeting Albany New  York 1977
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