Time-Traveling to the Catskills – 380 Million Years Ago

12:10–12:40 pm
Huxley Theater

Join Curator of Sedimentary Rock Dr. Chuck Ver Straeten on a time travel journey to 380,000,000 years ago. Just before you push “GO,” picture today’s Catskills. In contrast, you arrive on a broad lowland with winding rivers, and broad floodplains slope gently westward to a coastline near Oneonta, beyond which a shallow sea extends west to Iowa. Looking east, four-mile-high peaks jaggedly cut high into the sky. Forests of odd trees and shrubby vegetation dot the lands, populated only by small insects, centipedes, and spiders. This is the Catskills region, deep in Earth’s past.

This program includes a 20-minute talk followed by brief Q&A. Participants are welcomed to bring their lunches.