PUBLICATIONS :: NYSM RECORD :: Current Research in New York Archaeology

Current Research in New York Archaeology: A.D. 700–1300
edited by Christina B. Rieth and John P. Hart


Title Pages:

  • pages i-vii: PDF 3356kb | HTML
  • Preface & Abstracts:

  • pages viii-xii: PDF 66kb | HTML
  • Chapter 1:

    Introduction to Current Research in New York Archaeology: A.D. 700–1300

    Christina B. Rieth and John P. Hart
  • pages 1–6: PDF 98kb | HTML
  • Chapter 2:

    The Carpenter Brook Site, Social Setting, and Early Late Woodland Ceramic Vessel Variation in Central New York

    Donald A. Smith
  • pages 7–26: PDF 770kb | HTML
  • Chapter 3:

    Additional Evidence for cal. Seventh-Century A.D. Maize Consumption at the Kipp Island Site, New York

    John P. Hart, Lisa M. Anderson, and Robert S. Feranec
  • pages 27–40: PDF 811kb | HTML
  • Chapter 4:

    Trace Element Analysis of Lithic Artifacts from the Trapps Gap Site

    Christina B. Rieth and L. Lewis Johnson
  • pages 41–52: PDF 569kb | HTML
  • Chapter 5:

    A Small Site in Coxsackie, Circa A.D. 1200: Some Ecological Issues Concerning Its Age and Location

    Edward V. Curtin
  • pages 53–76: PDF 3.4mb | HTML
  • Chapter 6:

    A Middle Woodland Pottery Stamp and Associated Middle Woodland Ceramics from the Indian Hill Site, Wawarsing, New York

    Joseph E. Diamond and Susan O'Connell Stewart
  • pages 77–82: PDF 406kb | HTML
  • Chapter 7:

    The History of the Collared Rim in the Finger Lakes, New York

    Hetty Jo Brumbach
  • pages 83–94: PDF 381kb | HTML

  • Chapter 8:

    The Death of Owasco—Redux

    John P. Hart
  • pages 95–108: PDF 881kb | HTML

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