PUBLICATIONS :: NYSM RECORD :: Daniel & Floyd Hungerford

cover Daniel and Floyd Hungerford: Rocket Power, Interstellar Travel and Eternal Life

by Geoffrey N. Stein

Secondary Bibliographic Notes

(Original Sources Are Cited in Endnotes)

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Marvin, Keith, “Misguided Missile”, Special Interest Autos, February 1980.

Marvin, Keith, “Museum displays unique Hungerford rocket car”, Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace, July 21, 1994. Marvin concluded his article by noting his plan to donate his Hungerford file to the State Museum and wrote, “with the car itself on one hand [in the Museum] and its history and related material on the other [his possession], one is of minor importance in automotive history without the other.” Happily, Marvin did give the Museum his Hungerford materials.

Marvin, Keith, “Unique Rocket Car Will Be Exhibited At Arsenal Show”, Times Record, The, [Troy, N.Y.], February 22, 1965.

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Unknown. H. Steven Sekella recalls a pamphlet or book about the Hungerford brothers and their rocket car. Daniel Hungerford lent this to Sekella’s mother at one time; it was returned. Sekella in telephone conversation with Geoffrey Stein, November 3, 2008, said he doesn’t know who wrote the work or how extensive it is “or anything”. One wonders if this might be the piece Hungerford recalls having been written by Horace P. Bull of the Syracuse Post-Standard.










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