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Title: The Gilboa Fossils 
Series: Circular No. 65
Authors: Hernick, L. .
Publish Year: 2003  NYSM ID: C.65 
Page-Plate-Fig: 100 pp., 47 figs.
Category: Geological
Disiplines: Paleontology
Footnote: This publication is out of print and no longer available for sale from the NYS Museum. 
Out-of-print: Yes
SKU:   ISBN: 1555571727 
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Keywords: Gilboa, New York, fossils, paleontology, paleobotany, Devonian, Period, North America, fossil, Gilboa, forest, flora, fauna, Museum 
Description: The Devonian Period was an interval of dramatic change in the history of life on Earth. Much of the evidence for what is known about terrestrial life during this period in North America has come from some extraordinary fossil discoveries made in Gilboa, New York over the past 150 years. The abundance and often superb preservation of fossils from Gilboa have made this area one of the most important Devonian fossil localities in the world! The Gilboa Fossils is a history of the famous forest fossil site from its discovery in the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Topics include the Devonian flora and fauna found at this locality, and the role of the New York State Museum in disseminating knowledge about this important site.  
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