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Title: Mohican Seminar 2 : The Challenge, An Algonquian Peoples Seminar 
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Series: Bulletin No. 506
Authors: Dunn, S. W., Editor.
Publish Year: 2005  NYSM ID: B.506 
Page-Plate-Fig: 123 pp., ill., maps, music CD
Category: Anthropological
Disiplines: Ethnology
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Keywords: St. Francis Abenaki, indians, Mohican, Mission, Stockbridge Mission, Stockbridge, Munsee, Algonquian, village 
Description: This volume contains research papers about the Mohicans and other Algonquian Indians of the Hudson Valley and the Northeast. The papers were presented in March, 2001, and March, 2002, at the second and third annual seminars co-sponsored by the Native American Institute and the New York State Museum. The papers detail the contributions and the importance of Native Americans in the population of the northeast over three centuries. The varied research included here further indicates that traditional tales, and archaeological and documentary finds dealing with Native Americans of the Hudson Valley and New England, are vast and only beginning to be tapped. These annual seminars provide an impetus for research into Algonquian experiences, past and modern and provide the reader with an informative and stimulating narrative about Northeast Algonquian culture. This volume contains 8 chapters on 123 pages with 24 figures and includes an interpretive ceremonial music CD. 
  • Binzen, T. 2005. The River Beyond the Mountains: Native American Settlements of the Upper Housatonic during the Woodland Period.
  • Joseph, S. 2005. A Dutchman at Indiantown: a perspective on the Stockbridge Mission.
  • Folts, J.D. 2005. The westward migration of the Munsee Indians in the eighteenth century.
  • Dunn, S.W. 2005. The Mohican presence on the Susquehanna River in New York.
  • Dixon, H. 2005. Oral historical insights into Rogers' raid on the St. Francis Abenaki village in 1759.
  • Oberly, J.W. 2005. When Congress acted : the Mohican reservation and the Act of 1871.
  • McAllester, D.P. 2005. Mohican music, past and present.
  • Broderick, W.F. 2005. New York State's Mohicans in literature.
Cover of Mohican Seminar 2 : The Challenge, An Algonquian Peoples Seminar
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