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Title: Perishable Material Culture in the Northeast 
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Series: Bulletin No. 500
Authors: Drooker, P. B. , Editor.
Publish Year: 2004  NYSM ID: B.500 
Page-Plate-Fig: 240 pp., ill., maps
Category: Anthropological
Disiplines: Archaeology
General Anthropology
Prehistoric Archaeology
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Keywords: northeast, east, material, North America, culture, indians, North 
Description: This volume focuses on the widespread use of organic materials by Native Americans in the Northeast, highlighting the most recent research on perishable material culture in this region, and illustrating how to obtain as much information as possible about perishable objects from the meager archaeological record. Early Euroamerican sites also are included. As the first publication devoted to the production and use of objects made from perishable materials in the Northeast, it brings together a wide range of relevant studies that typically have been difficult to locate because they have been scattered throughout the archaeological, ethnohistorical, textile history, and conservation literature. The individual chapters include both regional overviews and case histories of surviving evidence for these types of objects in the Northeast, with analyses of their importance in the social economy of the region. They employ both primary evidence (actual objects or fragments of them) and secondary evidence (such as impressions of fabrics in pottery, metal pseudomorphs, or images of objects). A large number of the chapters provide information on cordage and fabrics; many include bark, wood, and leather objects as well. 
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Cover of Perishable Material Culture in the Northeast
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