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Title: Geological Papers 
Link to PDF:
Series: Bulletin No. 107
Authors: Woodworth, J B, and others.
Publish Year: 1907  NYSM ID: B.107 
Page-Plate-Fig: 387 pp., figs. 170, 53 pls., 2 maps.
Category: Geological
Disiplines: Oil & Gas
Footnote: Available bound in the Annual Report of the New York State Museum No. 60, v. 2. See that list for price. 
Price:  Unbound
Price 2:  Hardbound
Description: Papers on postglacial faults, Oneida conglomerate, Skunnemunk Mountain region, minerals from Lyon Mountain, Pelmatazoa from Chazy Limestones, Devonic fossils, Eurypterus shales, snad-filled vein, fossil tree trunk, and features of Basal Gneiss... 
  • Woodworth, J.B. 1907. Postglacial Faults of Eastern New York. pp. 5-28, 5 pls.
  • White, D. 1907. A Remarkable Fossils Tree Trunk from the Middle Devonic of New York. pp. 327-360, 1.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1907. An Interesting Style of Sand-filled Vein. pp. 292-294, 1.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1907. The Eurypterus Shales of the Shawangunk Mountains in Eastern New York. pp. 295-310, 2.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1907. Some New Devonic Fossils. pp. 153-291, 15.
  • Hudson, C.H. 1907. On Some Pelmatozoa from the Chazy Limestones of New York. pp. 97-152, 10.
  • Whitlock, H.P. 1907. Minerals from Lyon Mountain, Clinton County. pp. 55-96, 11 p.
  • Hartnagel, C.A. 1907. Upper Siluric and Lower Devonic Formations of the Skunnemunk Mountain Region. pp. 39-54, 3 pl.
  • Hartnagel, C.A. 1907. Stratigraphic Relations of the Oneida Conglomerate. pp. 29-38, 2 pl.
  • Berkey, C.P. 1907. Structural and Stratigraphic Features of the Basal Gneisses of the Highlands. pp. 361-378, 1.
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