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Title: Report of the State Botanist 1917. 
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Series: Bulletin No. 205,206
Authors: House, H.D., and others.
Publish Year: 1918  NYSM ID: B.205-206 
Page-Plate-Fig: 169 pp., 23 pls.
Category: Biological
Disiplines: Botany
Out-of-print: Yes
Keywords: plants 
Description: This is Bulletin # 205-206. Report of the State Botanist for 1918 published in the Annual Report of the Director for 1918 (Mus. Bul. 219-220). 
  • House, H.D. 1918. A Small Collection of Plants from Central New York Collected by Dr. Asa Gray. pp. 10-13.
  • Dearness, J., and House, H.D. 1918. New or Noteworthy Species of Fungi. pp. 43-60.
  • Atkinson, G.F. 1918. Collybia campanella Peck, and Its Near Relatives in the Eastern United States. pp. 61-66.
  • Overholts, L.O. 1918. The Species of Poria Described by Peck. pp. 67-120.
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