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Title: Paleontological and Geological Papers 
Link to PDF:
Series: Bulletin No. 327
Authors: Howell, B F, and R Ruedemann.
Publish Year: 1942  NYSM ID: B.327 
Page-Plate-Fig: 98 pp., 15 figs.
Category: Geological
Disiplines: General Geology
Out-of-print: Yes
Keywords: Esopus, hill, Snake, Kingston Point, shale, Normanskill, grapolites, county, Ulster, geologic, Chert, Radiolarian, Plankton, Machaeridia, fossils, Ordovician, Cambrian, Oldhamia, Grit, Rensselar, Problem 
Description: Contains papers on Oldhamia...Rensselar Grit Problem; Cambrian/ Ordovician Fossils; Ordovician Machaeridia; Ordovician Plankton/Radiolarian Chert; Geo. Studies...Ulster Cty.; Grapolites/Normanskill Shale at Kingston Pt; Ordo. Snake Hill Shale; Esopus Grit 
  • Ruedemann, R. 1942. Oldhamia and the Rensselaer Grit Problem. pp. 5-18, figs.
  • Ruedemann, R. 1942. Cambrian and Ordovician Fossils. pp. 19-32, figs.
  • Ruedemann, R. 1942. Notes on Ordovician Machaeridia of New York. pp. 33-44, figs.
  • Ruedemann, R. 1942. Notes on Ordovician Plankton and Radiolarian Chert of New York. pp. 45-72, figs.
  • Howell, B.F. 1942. Geological Studies in Ulster County, New York. pp. 73-76.
  • Howell, B.F. 1942. Graptolities from Ordovician Normanskill Shale at Kingston Point, Ulster County, New York. pp. 77-80.
  • Howell, B.F. 1942. Two New Localities for Fossils in the Ordovician Snake Hill Shale of Ulster County, New York. pp. 81-86.
  • Howell, B.F. 1942. New Localities for Fossils in the Devonian Esopus Grit of Ulster County, New York. pp. 87-94, fig.
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