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Title: A Catskill Flora and Economic Botany IV (Part 1). 
  Polypetalae Chenopodiaceae Through Capparidaceae: Including Goosefoot, Amaranth,Pokeweed, Spring Beauty, Pinks, Water-lilies, Tulip-tree, Sassafras, Buttercups,Barberries, Poppies, Fumitories, and Mustards. 
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Series: Bulletin No. 453
Authors: Brooks, K.W.
Publish Year: 1983  NYSM ID: B.453 
Page-Plate-Fig: 358 pp., 245 figs.
Category: Biological
Disiplines: Botany
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Keywords: Fumitories, Poppies, Barberries, Buttercups, Sassafras, Tulip-tree, Water-lilies, Pinks, Spring Beauty, Pokeweed, Amaranth, Goosefoot, plants, and Mustards 
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